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- Don't see the need for this, altho it'd be fine if ccp decided to implement it. I doubt they will. ...2008.11.13 23:13:00
- I enjoy the PVE side of the game .Good, we wont have much to fear from that wardec of yours then ...2008.10.24 12:24:00
- Outpost = Keep POS = Keep too? Capital Ship = Siege weapons Sovereignty = Sovereignty Ship Des ...2008.10.24 08:01:00
- If CCP add ´raid´ type new player content (they tried, high sec lvl 1-2-3 plexes remember?), we alwa ...2008.10.24 07:53:00
- Ha ! but you can only mine bistot .... because someone else didnt beat you to it.There's massive am ...2008.10.23 15:12:00
- Edited by: Rod Blaine on 23/10/2008 12:22:51 Basically you mix overdrives and nano´s with speed and ...2008.10.23 12:21:00
- Edited by: Rod Blaine on 23/10/2008 12:14:45 She´s right Shadowsword, you should know it too.How lo ...2008.10.23 12:10:00
- That´d be a slow one, albeit that the deimos is a crap example.Ishtars, vagabonds, zealots, rapiers ...2008.10.23 12:02:00
- CCP cant cap the cost, or the whole idea behind the gtc system falls on its ass.the price needs to d ...2008.10.23 11:56:00
- Change is unlikely, because decent ideas have been aired before and have had zero result.The main is ...2008.10.23 11:31:00
- I could point to this post made about two-three years ago about factional warfare, standings, factio ...2008.10.23 09:56:00
- Edited by: Rod Blaine on 22/10/2008 12:39:24 Blaming the falcons for blobs is a bit overdone Ugluuk ...2008.10.22 12:36:00
- If you want to know who he is, check out his in-game employment history. Poor hamsters, they gonna ...2008.10.22 11:34:00
- Its a regional court, nowehere near decisive for the general theme of virtual good theft within a vi ...2008.10.22 00:27:00
- Homo Erectus = active Jade Constantine = CSM Miz Cenuij = gone Seleene = afk dalman = gone ...2008.10.22 00:17:00

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