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- Yes, If nothing else because you get to do alot of looting and salvaging while waiting for ships to ...2009.07.08 12:49:00
- I eek out around 40km with my rage torps. those are usually enough for most, otherwise I load up my ...2009.07.08 12:47:00
- Edited by: Epidemis on 08/07/2009 12:43:38 I lost a golem fitted with 4x Cald BCU and 2x T2 missile ...2009.07.08 12:30:00
- How about reversing the restrictions made on having multiple accounts..Like Ghost-training and incre ...2008.12.10 13:51:00
- As the "missile nerf" was mentioned I should mention there's absolutely no difference using a Golem ...2008.11.22 14:51:00
- The only adv learning skills I have gotten to V is willpower and perception.. ...2008.11.22 13:33:00
- Just bought a new golem and I'll go test it as soon as my training to torp 5 finished, then I'm gonn ...2008.11.18 22:08:00
- Not to slam the OP, but one should never be able to AFK a mission of any type. Hopefully, with a few ...2008.11.16 20:27:00
- A good ole bankrun? Haha :D ...2008.11.16 16:04:00
- Edited by: DuffmanPeter on 16/11/2008 15:43:55 What mission was this? I do lvl 4s with a cnr and I ...2008.11.16 15:57:00
- But this isnt a whine thread.The scatterbrain that I am, I alt-tabbed out and forgot to return.. not ...2008.11.16 15:13:00
- Eve "expansions" are roughly alittle under half of a WoW "patch". ...2008.11.15 20:49:00
- Edited by: Epidemis on 15/11/2008 14:51:14 Edited by: Epidemis on 15/11/2008 14:38:02 fury are men ...2008.11.15 14:37:00
- Edited by: Karlen Velro on 13/11/2008 13:38:16 What is wrong with you, that you need to take such p ...2008.11.13 14:22:00
- Golem is just fine, at most it'll take you a few minutes more to kill everything. Cruisers dotn die ...2008.11.13 13:43:00

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