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- HiI've got a weird issue. When trying to access, and only this domain, from the ingam ...2010.10.30 11:49:00
- Machine Info ------------- Which test you were in: Mai 29 20h UTC OS version: Windows 7 CPU : Co ...2010.05.30 06:52:00
- I'm not a power user of fitting tools so I'm probably not the the best candidate for feedback, but I ...2010.04.18 06:44:00
- 6. Displaying Setups - Dps vs Ships "fingerprint" This displays the linear graph of DPS of the setu ...2010.04.14 15:08:00
- Eve Ship Identity (ESI) is a Web 2.0 application that has been developed to :share ship setups disp ...2010.04.14 14:57:00
- In fact you've just experienced what has been happening on TQ for every and each big fleet fights.I ...2010.04.04 06:54:00
- I think that for both a gameplay and lag point of view, it should be very interesting to move SBU fr ...2010.02.05 06:47:00
- Edited by: Ol'' Delsai on 03/01/2010 18:07:44 Edited by: Ol'' Delsai on 03/01/2010 18:06:10 Since ...2010.01.03 18:04:00
- I think that before trying to fix the "lag monster", CCP should try to fix client/server synchronisa ...2009.12.27 11:31:00
- There's really a thing I don't understand ... How can it happens that the server has enough ressour ...2009.12.26 21:06:00
- Please note this won't work in Snow Leopard since, python26 won't build in macports (there's a big d ...2009.08.30 18:47:00
- Same problem here, same fix ...2009.08.06 09:34:00
- Hi,I have a weird issue for some time now, and I think i now know in which condition it happens : - ...2009.08.06 06:47:00
- Edited by: Ol'' Delsai on 02/08/2009 20:56:16 2 offers sent to Arhideya - from my alt dodo delsai ...2009.08.02 20:54:00
- This is not a complaint but a fact and you must be mistaken.NIMs are not components but raw material ...2009.07.14 16:46:00

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