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- Will there be a fireside chat soon regarding the summit? Or some other medium (like this show) to g ...2011.07.02 02:22:00
- Could we get an itemized list of what was discussed at the meetings? (ie. what specific topics were ...2011.07.02 02:13:00
- I'm not hopeful, but hopefully something good comes of this.Haven't read this entire thread so someo ...2011.06.26 20:40:00
- Great read and congrats on your wins. **** final though. Least ya could have done is brought out t ...2011.06.22 00:33:00
- If it lasts a few weeks it might disrupt the tournament plans too, if the commentators can't get fly ...2011.05.23 03:27:00
- I watched the vids from Fanfest recently, and particularly the CSM one. During it, it was mentioned ...2011.04.13 03:53:00
- How about showing some of the classic matches from the early tournies? Especially the ones that are ...2010.05.07 19:22:00
- I'd like to see something like it done with Incarna.. combat sims or whatnot. Just not using free s ...2010.02.08 11:09:00
- I'm not arguing that it CAN'T be abused. Only that saving a few button presses is essentially the s ...2010.02.05 06:19:00
- Edited by: GM Horse on 05/02/2010 05:18:27 G15s and similar products may be used with EVE, as they ...2010.02.05 05:56:00
- Don't encourage him you fop But I seriously want to hear in EVE. "That's not a moon... that's a spa ...2009.09.26 00:25:00
- And which Sci Fi have you seen that specifically had a ship known as a Titan, oh wise one Titan A.E. ...2009.09.25 23:17:00
- Mostly yeah. Though he did mention that DUST will tie into EVE through the upcoming planetary inter ...2009.09.21 18:46:00
- Haven't seen this posted anywhere in my brief check, so figured I'd point it out to everyone. Cover ...2009.09.21 11:56:00
- If I remember correctly as well, the live commentary for the first two weekends will be broadcast li ...2009.08.29 06:59:00

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