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- You should read the damage control on the IRC forums about these Aeons I'm lazy, plz poast it here, ...2009.05.12 02:02:00
- must have missed the update becuase we were to busy stealing their supercaps*Boosh* ...2009.05.11 04:10:00
- Edited by: Sacrophage Nexus on 21/04/2009 03:42:34 Edited by: Fitz VonHeise on 20/04/2009 22:52:09I ...2009.04.21 03:42:00
- "Isn't that the second time they did that?"No. You might be recollecting Sunday in the same system w ...2009.04.01 03:53:00
- Edited by: Marcus Riegn on 25/03/2009 22:38:41 the thing with the titan guys is you can't trust wha ...2009.03.25 22:51:00
- yup, forgot to add Cobray who was linked a page back.Cobray proofMore coming SoonTM ...2009.03.24 23:41:00
- Edited by: Sacrophage Nexus on 23/03/2009 17:30:24For crikes sake guys, react on the truth not hears ...2009.03.23 17:29:00
- wars being lost by losers...Most of the awesome things that happen in Eve wouldn't happen, if someon ...2009.03.10 01:38:00
- Dunno about that issue, honestly. I've been told the reason why TITTS left were different, but those ...2009.03.08 23:29:00
- Edited by: DFox31 on 30/12/2008 12:24:53 Jin Roh <Goodfellas> Avatar is now in DICE.oi thats fast ...2008.12.31 18:35:00
- fu***k, I always miss these. I swear, I'm going to ninja-install EVE at work, so I can get in on thi ...2008.12.05 02:20:00
- Edited by: Rikeka on 27/11/2008 15:25:24 I find it funny people mention Oasa. If the CAOD populatio ...2008.11.27 15:35:00
- omega322 > Guys if we get 6+ poeple lets take on the serp site. omega322 > x up if you want to ta ...2008.11.23 23:13:00
- omg and i m blue! oldma take me baaaackWell hell, if ATLAS is coming back, that could be somethin ...2008.11.12 13:33:00
- yea, and Kransthow doesnt fly a titan. Never has. It was all part of the INTERNET propoganda awhile ...2008.10.15 00:23:00

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