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- Ok, what im going to do is stay positive about the game and view things like these elite frigates as ...2003.08.02 14:56:00
- YOU Callas YOU. You have been around for a long time, I remember these posts of yours from the old b ...2003.08.01 18:35:00
- And yet, so are at least 10K others, I am haveing a great time, all you have to do is put some effor ...2003.08.01 18:00:00
- Its just never good enough for you is it Callas? No matter what CCP try to make this game better, yo ...2003.08.01 13:36:00
- ROFL! I almost choked with laughter opening this thread! ...2003.08.01 03:39:00
- DAMMIT! They're on to me.....thought the hat would work this time....need to stop them....satilites ...2003.08.01 01:05:00
- Afaik most of the problems you refer to have been fixed, yes some skills still do not function, but ...2003.08.01 01:01:00
- You get out of this game what you put in. Involve yourself in the politics of the game, as the other ...2003.08.01 00:58:00
- So, has no one guessed the number yet? Or are you just playing a cruel joke on us? Own up now:P ...2003.07.31 02:20:00
- The corp will be moving to the fringes of empire space soon, our trade division has become very prof ...2003.07.30 19:07:00
- How many times have you quit now tekforce? Next week will we see ANOTHER I quit post from you? ...2003.07.30 18:43:00
- If you do not hav the knowlage to outfit a vessel like the blackbird, do not buy one. This is one of ...2003.07.29 22:43:00
- Gunthor, we have several members that play in the GMT timezone, I myself am in the UK, mail me ingam ...2003.07.29 20:00:00
- Edited by: Rogue Noir on 29/07/2003 23:09:37 Our ingame website is now active. It will be updated w ...2003.07.29 13:39:00

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