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- First look: (testing Dominix and Thorax setups)GREAT!!!Really. Looks like we might get our paper, sc ...2008.07.29 10:00:00
- Edited by: Demon Johnson on 30/07/2007 09:43:17 For your reference: PieOh...and I like protein deli ...2007.07.30 09:43:00
- Mine? RL work, kills time and mental power to play EVE...paying two accounts for a few months now an ...2007.03.20 14:34:00
- /signed ...2007.03.04 13:48:00
- Hello there! I have a dual-boot setup with XP-Pro 32-bit and Vista Ultimate 64-bit (final). I canno ...2007.02.28 09:40:00
- Just expand killrights to all members for an alliance in low sec. So semi-carebears can form an alli ...2007.01.23 09:20:00
- For this to work I propose that livestock be split into several smaller groups such as cows/sheep/pi ...2007.01.17 10:53:00
- You mean the "second genesis" intro? Yeha, would like to have that one too! ...2007.01.17 10:49:00
- Donīt worry. They will run one day out of fuel...or food...or motivation...or whatever. ...2007.01.17 08:42:00
- Beeing HAPPY to see someone in low-sec because you felt lonely. ...2006.12.28 10:34:00
- Decided that charisma is a very important attribute for a trader ...2006.11.08 08:23:00
- AFAIK Condord is not for PREVENTING crimes, it is for PUNISHING crimes. And yes, there are ways to ...2006.10.11 10:23:00
- I guess there is a simple reason why Tux cannot put in a pure blaster bonus: Blasters and Railguns ...2006.10.05 14:11:00
- please do two things:Donīt let NPCs cheat and fly 2000 m/s by using their uber-uber AB ...2006.10.04 15:27:00
- I played a lot of the RPG shadowrun in that time. In EVE I wanted to become the mean guy behind it, ...2006.09.26 14:40:00

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