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- Edited by: Klydor on 10/01/2006 16:45:15 edit: ignore me, misunderstood. ...2006.01.10 16:44:00
- Edited by: Klydor on 06/10/2005 21:24:20Klydor as rants go that is SERIOUSLY off-topic LMAO I kn ...2005.10.06 21:24:00
- Edited by: Klydor on 06/10/2005 17:43:54 Skill Req's:Weapon Upgrades 4 Gunnery 2 Wouldn't it make ...2005.10.06 17:41:00
- your LOL campain is about as funny as the Tick-Tock and GG that PA used. =/hate to point this out Ga ...2005.02.26 19:19:00
- I want an IC narrative analysis of the war to stay in an unlocked thread. Post in the IC forum the ...2004.06.14 23:04:00
- Whats next, are you going to start monitoring eve players phone calls to get even more records to po ...2004.05.18 22:23:00
- They are rewarding us.. in the end we will have better hardware to play on. Allowing for the usual t ...2004.05.14 22:58:00
- Another peice of advice. Don't go into 0.0 if your in a newb corp flying a newb ship or a shuttle. P ...2004.05.04 14:44:00
- Dear Citizens, Due to your Valliant effort (1 benefactor so far), Faithless' Love Bounty now stands ...2004.05.03 11:40:00
- Edited by: Klydor on 02/05/2004 22:11:29 Why is it their apocs have such an easy time dispatching i ...2004.05.02 22:06:00
- So now you're the NAST(Y) alliance? It took you all those posts to finally get the idea behind the n ...2004.04.30 13:16:00
- I think this guy was just refering to the news that verifys that everyone hates us. I wish someone ...2004.04.28 20:09:00
- 4) Don't travel into 0.0 in a n00b corp.. everyone shoots the n00b corps pirate or not :( ...2004.03.30 17:08:00
- Since I mentioned this in another forum, I guess it should be posted here in the hope the devs read ...2004.03.24 17:38:00
- kinda makes me wish corporate branding was enforced so that you could look at a battleship and say ...2004.03.24 17:36:00

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