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- Edited by: Aijle Mijleroff on 01/09/2011 21:08:03 in patch notes we see ...2011.09.01 20:55:00
- Shame CCP !!!You have spoiled game by monocles! Return our drones in normal condition! ...2011.08.15 07:57:00
- Today at night at all our gang being system Hier again died client after jump purifier in systemSham ...2011.08.15 07:54:00
- CCP Repair drones promptly! We not may have normal pvp and normal pve from time of introduction Inca ...2011.07.24 09:24:00
- to Toovhon My drones in passive mode, I give a command on attack, they start to attack, then cease t ...2011.07.13 13:18:00
- CCP!!! ...2011.07.13 09:35:00
- Hello CCP, when the bug will be corrected at which drones cease to attack objective after to them ha ...2011.07.12 00:26:00
- support this ...2011.06.20 15:53:00
- I support any nerf to inadvertent/passive information proliferation.So no thumbs up from me.You wish ...2011.06.03 16:33:00
- up ...2011.05.19 23:18:00
- Danika Princip If I, for example, take the player in corporation, I should know his standingsIt is t ...2011.05.19 19:37:00
- Hi. In the last patch remove information on a pilot's standings towards NPC corporations. I want ...2011.05.19 17:05:00
- Hello.Today our gang camping gate. When jump manticore of neutral player all our gang was off becau ...2011.03.29 03:05:00
- I am very upset devblog ССР ' Raging On '. There was an impression, that the boats ...2010.12.14 01:22:00
- supportI think сср almost does nothing. For a long time I in them was disappointed ...2010.12.10 23:40:00

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