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- Edited by: Al''Htaed on 22/09/2009 05:55:47If you manage to get yourself caught in a 15 seconds dela ...2009.09.22 05:56:00
- True, not having to activate your mods is a bonus especially in lag. All though in laggy fights I us ...2009.08.13 17:06:00
- Edited by: Al''Htaed on 13/08/2009 13:58:52 3 enams is fine personally I prefer 3 hardners because ...2009.08.13 13:54:00
- Nice video 4/54 for piling on ED/IRC together with the rest of eve. ...2009.08.10 04:09:00
- How can you not ask yourself the question I ask? To not wonder what kind of ally Goons are after t ...2009.03.27 02:53:00
- Alt posting is not allowed.Applebabe It's probably not a good idea for NC or PL to attack RA either ...2009.03.27 02:50:00
- Alt posting is not allowed.ApplebabeThere have been much better attempts to drive wedges between our ...2009.03.27 02:49:00
- Alt posting is not allowed.Applebabe ...2009.03.27 02:35:00
- If RA&Co can walk over IRC/ED then why even bother with crippling IRC by stealing all their assets? ...2009.03.27 02:16:00
- RUSH Holding has nothing to do with RA. Well not anymore. It was an alt corp of ex-CEO of RUSH. The ...2009.03.27 02:02:00
- You know, I'm just not that impressed. It's one thing to attack an enemy and defeat him on the fiel ...2009.03.27 01:59:00
- Edited by: Al''Htaed on 27/03/2009 01:46:00 Still trying to decide how funny it is how much the goo ...2009.03.27 01:41:00
- I've often wondered how much better this game would be if both BOB/Kenny/Beaver/Kenny and Goons were ...2009.03.26 04:16:00
- ... I loved that carrier triage video from while back. ...2009.03.26 01:51:00
- Edited by: Al''Htaed on 26/03/2009 01:47:53 ...2009.03.26 01:45:00

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