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- What about limiting regular cynos to near gates only. That beside the field you also require a large ...2011.01.27 00:51:00
- Domi invuln field is worse then the T2... I have one, wtb?As for artillery. 1400s are bad for pve be ...2010.12.27 19:38:00
- Dram killOne of a number of drams to go down to the Osprey of DOOM ...2010.12.21 20:21:00
- Nag is vertical so that makes it automatically much more awesome then other dreads. ...2010.12.21 13:56:00
- Gank mach... clears sanctums in about 20-25 min ...2010.12.15 17:56:00
- Rats in haven come close, and shoot mostly explosive and kinetic. Mael works great in those. Just fi ...2010.12.12 20:08:00
- If you're in a sanctum alone in a drake while there are other people trying to run you deserve to be ...2010.12.09 16:26:00
- Don't forget the mach can eat up over 8k rounds per hour. Whereas the NM doesn't eat ammo at all if ...2010.12.09 16:18:00
- Do not accept less than a Titan, all others ships are for newblets I support this message. You can ...2010.12.08 13:59:00
- Sell drakes and fittings near 0.0 warzones. ...2010.12.07 18:03:00
- Here's an idea... lolMake ships be tractor-beamable (spellcheck approves:P), pulling speed and stren ...2010.12.07 17:25:00
- Yea ok, it's like 3% short of fitting full t2 if it wants to have 2 remote shield reps.Nid can't fit ...2010.12.07 16:25:00
- Rebalancing the tracking/sig/range on the small calibre BS guns to hit cruiser sized targets would b ...2010.12.07 15:56:00
- Sooo yesterday I saw a good number of shield BS fielded by IT. They sat outside drake range and I th ...2010.12.07 14:17:00
- Edited by: Enduros on 07/12/2010 13:58:08 2x Cap Shield Transport I 2x Cap Energy Transfer I 1x Aut ...2010.12.07 13:57:00

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