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- Edited by: Rubra on 04/06/2009 15:31:27 Aw, that sucks :(I, too, watched plenty of Kung Fu in my yo ...2009.06.04 15:31:00
- Welcome to Tranquility!Does the Serenity server forums have trolls of Tranquility's caliber over the ...2009.06.04 15:30:00
- Stellar story. Wow. I hope the one I'm working on can be as well-written as yours. Keep it up. :) ...2009.01.30 22:22:00
- Did I hear the announcer say "Brawndo"? ...2009.01.22 07:40:00
- This is what you need. ...2009.01.22 05:38:00
- Peter F Hamilton. Start with the Nights Dawn Trilogy (The Reality Dysfunction, The Neutronium Alche ...2009.01.21 23:51:00
- I used to be a fervent supporter of conspiracy theories, but then I decided I had something better t ...2009.01.21 23:37:00
- I liked the part where he said racial epitaphs, and the part where he admired his car.Seriously thou ...2009.01.21 23:34:00
- Iirc, LucasArts' The Dig is a classic one. ...2009.01.21 23:25:00
- Custer's Revenge 2Owait, an MMO?I choose Ultima. ...2009.01.21 23:24:00
- Poasting in Songsmith thread 2, just because I think it's that awesome.Advert is amusingly sickening ...2009.01.21 23:23:00
- A work buddy showed me the links to this earlier in the day. Color me amazed and stupefied. The or ...2009.01.21 23:20:00
- From general impressions on the beta forums, about 50/50 like the changes. DoW1 was stellar, provid ...2009.01.21 23:15:00
- I cannot think of anyone in their right mind going to Stormfront of all places and reading the disgu ...2009.01.21 23:13:00
- I believe it's going to be a subpar game with laughable pseudo-pvp elements, produced by a company t ...2009.01.21 23:09:00

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