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- Isk Laundering.i.e, RMT...^^ This. The same thing is going on with public contracts of caldari shut ...2011.08.22 07:55:00
- I have been offered 4b already, do not offer less that that. I offered 4b to the previous owner, no ...2011.08.22 07:11:00
- I guess I offered too much. ...2011.08.22 07:03:00
- make offers offer 4b isk to get you started assuming they are somewhere reasonable. ...2011.08.20 23:57:00
- scammers gonna scam. Hopefully sherrif kalrand with show up to point out how stupid the investors w ...2011.08.11 23:26:00
- According to their website the ponzi scheme has finally been revealed. ...2011.08.11 23:23:00
- Could I request a 1 billion ISK loan to spend in Rothbard's pleasure palace©? Sounds solid! If any ...2011.08.04 20:51:00
- RothBank™ has 100b in cash and is ready to lend! Details in my bio.My bank has only 1 depositor: me ...2011.08.04 20:40:00
- Inb4 deathwing silvermoon, edwin rithbeard & raw24 someone already underbid me! I dunno how lenders ...2011.08.02 18:49:00
- 50m isk. It can be found in the Gallente epic arc. Please contract to me @jita 4-4. ...2011.08.02 18:33:00
- Yea i figured that could come back and haunt me sometime ;)It did. Hopefully no one is ******ed eno ...2011.07.30 12:41:00
- Can tickets still be purchased at the door? I would prefer to pay cash in person rather than order ...2011.07.30 12:36:00
- contract to me from jita @100m pls. 24 hours is enough. ...2011.07.27 14:46:00
- What is the weekly payou to shareholders per share at this point in time?The highest weekly earnings ...2011.07.27 07:02:00
- ...I'm missing here.Correct.If you check my contracting history in game you can see that i've sold 1 ...2011.07.25 04:44:00

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