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- Edited by: SFX Bladerunner on 26/08/2010 04:55:24 150+ in local guns stuck!! thanks CCP your game i ...2010.08.26 14:48:00
- tobruk, you're for the IT dude, your alliance is full of idiots. no one wins here. ...2010.08.26 13:00:00
- I like isk and ****s and giggles but I dont even have access to the ammo hangar :( ...2010.08.25 14:29:00
- BTW I will plan eve 2011 @ v festival 2010.anyone wanna help me ? Chelms V Festival ? (see what I ...2010.08.20 13:34:00
- If Atlas is such a joke to you then perhaps you should BLUE fewer people when attacking them.why don ...2010.08.19 10:01:00
- Man, and I thought WE took on a lot of pubbies ...2010.07.08 16:58:00
- Well done, solid throughout, and always, gg ...2010.06.21 21:19:00
- probably best not to answer phone eh ...2010.06.19 17:26:00
- seriously, the internet is unhealthy for some people, step away from the keyboard ...2010.06.17 23:53:00
- I was playing WOW this morning, was just about to fight the Lich King when a pilot-less titan sudd ...2010.06.17 23:30:00
- You could field a TQ petition about too many warp bubbles in a system and you dont like them as its ...2010.06.15 15:10:00
- 5 pages? Didnt Viper win thread on page 1 with a post pointing out you are awful, cheated, and then ...2010.06.15 15:03:00
- I know its drawn out of a hat but its a complete travesty that you have been drawn together again. ...2010.06.15 10:14:00
- It could have been worse :aj regard:each day I like you guys more, ziiiinnngg ...2010.05.20 16:23:00
- wtf is a sermolle? ...2010.05.17 11:15:00

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