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- Good day to you allI've done a search, not been here in over a year and am surprised the search func ...2010.03.27 10:18:00
- I managed not to laugh, though my first instinct was to.What is it they say about serial killers? Th ...2009.05.24 14:47:00
- I just saw a pic of the mom... was this kid drinking?I said she was a minger but going by your reply ...2009.05.21 13:34:00
- I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is a great film, The Terminator is still one of my favourit ...2009.05.21 12:33:00
- Not only is the mother a 15 year old slapper, she's also one hell of a minger. ...2009.05.20 00:07:00
- Edited by: Elliot Reid on 14/05/2009 21:06:56 I loved the film but can't get over the fact that Kir ...2009.05.14 21:06:00
- Good. I'd rather remember Duke for what it was, an excellent game, than have his memory tarnished wi ...2009.05.07 09:56:00
- How do I stop procrastinating? I usually get round to stop doing it eventually. ...2009.05.03 22:45:00
- HelloThis may well have been brought up before, and if so my apologies, but are there any plans/chan ...2009.05.01 09:50:00
- Since I cannot view this video I have to assume the OP means this in some kind of sick bestiality wa ...2009.05.01 08:26:00
- Edited by: Elliot Reid on 25/04/2009 16:49:58 Another one I enjoyed was Earth 2 ...2009.04.25 16:48:00
- Blakes 7 ...2009.04.25 14:59:00
- On other forums, when using my real name, I have been asked if I used to be the drummer in The Verve ...2009.04.25 13:14:00
- I can't think of anything to say tbh. ...2009.04.23 11:53:00
- The above story is (obviously) fictitious, and was written as part of GameSpot's annual April Fool's ...2009.04.21 13:40:00

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