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- Self-destruct works the way it does because EVE is a harsh, spiteful game and CCP likes to maximize ...2011.04.04 19:06:00
- Rails just suck that to overcome the would have to get a RoF of 2-3x at least...Some ...2011.03.30 15:16:00
- There will come a time in your EVE career where you'll look back on this thread and think, "I can't ...2011.03.30 05:44:00
- Edited by: Seriously Bored on 29/03/2011 07:11:45 Current version of EFT shows "volley" as and "dp ...2011.03.29 07:10:00
- I just want to know if this is a good fit, first time doing a vargur Drop one of the Shield Boost A ...2011.03.28 22:01:00
- This is purely about PvP and not about volley damage and its benefits. This is about the fact that ...2011.03.28 21:47:00
- Inertia is turning, mass is response to acceleration. Time-to-warp is affected by both.Mass is used ...2011.03.28 21:26:00
- And a Vargur has the ability to salvage on the go, a larger cargohold, longer range sensors, better ...2011.03.24 17:49:00
- I found two interesting Varg fits on BL from Seriously Bored. One ridiculously expensive, one not so ...2011.03.23 15:39:00
- It's called zooming out the #1 sanity-saving strategy of EVE. Crosses and Brackets Online. CCP rea ...2011.03.17 15:11:00
- You have your maths all wrong :)Bah....Bah. Yes, I do. I subtracted the cost of ammo after calculati ...2011.03.17 13:51:00
- Edited by: Seriously Bored on 17/03/2011 07:14:33 If the result is that faction ammo increases net ...2011.03.17 07:07:00
- Unlike disco, Amarr is making a comeback. At the time, I resented being forced by my allaince to tra ...2011.03.16 18:57:00
- Edited by: Seriously Bored on 16/03/2011 16:33:13If you start comparing it to Barrage (assuming Ange ...2011.03.16 16:33:00
- Using faction ammo on a Mach is ******ed, you use about 2-3k per mission and at over 1k/round that d ...2011.03.15 20:34:00

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