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- Heres a link to the origional Trailer, that section at the indicated time stamp was created out of g ...2011.06.29 11:25:00
- its also to stop people using Sisi to spy. ...2011.05.03 15:22:00
- unfortunetly a lot of Eve is like that.. implimented and then forgoton or promised and never happend ...2011.04.25 22:43:00
- Edited by: Goti Evans on 07/04/2011 10:41:52 Yep, Moaning about regular Down time is like moaning y ...2011.04.07 10:40:00
- Edited by: Goti Evans on 03/12/2010 00:43:41 I love itAt level 1: Allows the use of the sheild cola ...2010.12.03 00:34:00
- The Mechanic works approximately as follows: For all members of the corporation that have been in s ...2010.10.16 23:20:00
- They tried this, it got abused they removed it. would take to much time and have to many potiential ...2010.09.25 13:07:00
- I have rated a petition once, which caused it to reopen, which resulted in me simply deleting it whe ...2010.06.26 14:06:00
- God, why did you have to be Amarr :(With out Faith god is nothing so it would make sense to support ...2010.06.15 15:28:00
- I have to say that has always bothered me even when freighters came out. Originality the Cheron had ...2010.06.07 18:58:00
- in the old old pre Apochraph scaning system the Deep space probes or Concord Probes as I think they ...2010.04.25 14:49:00
- I would suggest that rats only drops meta 2 and higher items that can't be produced in other ways. T ...2010.03.03 14:53:00
- And dont forget the Buffer tankers 25% can be a huge amount of HP.Also remebr the damage to the armo ...2010.03.03 14:26:00
- currently its posible to filter out your own gang members, but its not posible to do the opersit - f ...2009.08.20 21:47:00
- um... open mail box edit seetings add Allaince name/Corp name to allowed, set Auto reject on... done ...2009.08.08 21:28:00

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