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- Liam Fremen > sadly guys Liam Fremen > CCP seems to like goons Liam Fremen > but i don't give a ...2010.01.20 03:03:00
- With today's Sisi patch, all testing has come to an end. Sov and structures (including POS) were rem ...2009.11.25 19:29:00
- Is this the total # of spawns that you are getting at 5? Or are these the only decent spawns you g ...2009.11.25 03:24:00
- Why are you trying to compute their value on bounties alone? If you do that, then you need to take ...2009.11.24 21:12:00
- Level 5 up and running. Here's the long and the short of it:Gives you 1-2 Sanctums and 1-2 Havens at ...2009.11.24 21:02:00
- Just finished running the highest level anomaly in our fully upgraded system.Blood Raider Sanctum ha ...2009.11.24 18:21:00
- Some feedback from Sisi:1) Hub and upgrade sizes (500K m3 for the hub, 250K for level 4 and 500K for ...2009.11.23 23:06:00
- sorry if this question has been asked before but what about truesec status? Does that contribute any ...2009.11.23 22:40:00
- The displayed index levels are still screwed up. We've had a guy mining in a dread for hours, some p ...2009.11.22 19:54:00
- If you want to know what the Military Index upgrades are like, feel free to follow the progress in t ...2009.11.22 08:49:00
- If you want to leave those other 15 insta-respawn anomalies fallow, go ahead. But don't go around ...2009.11.22 08:11:00
- @Sisyphus:1) How do you set the reinforcement timer on the I-Hub? I'm pretty sure that's the structu ...2009.11.22 02:07:00
- @Sisyphus:Couple problems today: 1) everyone shows the military index at different levels. Some sho ...2009.11.21 22:56:00
- As Moon Kitten noted, we have 5 cleared anomalies and nothing new spawning. Military Index is Lev 3 ...2009.11.20 23:10:00
- BS belt rat bounties are roughly:500K 650K 800K 950K 1.1M 1.25M 1.4M 1.55M 1.7M 1.85MWhen r ...2009.11.18 19:17:00

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