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- Edited by: Bolka on 18/01/2008 16:36:55This thread could use an overall recap and up to date list of ...2008.01.18 16:32:00
- It definately looks like a glitch. Roids do have the hiccups too, they blow out every now and the ...2007.12.06 20:46:00
- Afafizz,It might be the issue depicted in the thread:Accounts randomly disabled - C refusedIn whic ...2007.10.30 15:41:00
- Anyone still having this problem? ...2007.10.29 15:41:00
- What's the best alternative tool? ...2007.08.22 13:39:00
- If you have large quantities of basic minerals (mostly tri) for sale, please contact Kami Zunukal ...2003.08.15 09:53:00
- We are interested. You can check our web site:, but I encourage you to talk to Ni ...2003.08.15 09:50:00
- Yes, contact Kami Zanukal. ...2003.08.05 14:44:00
- Thanks!btw, I'm not from RUS. ...2003.07.24 13:27:00
- I have heard many people talk about MWD on indys. What indy can take an MWD? An what is the confi ...2003.07.24 13:06:00
- I have a question related to indys. It seems many people have been able to fit microwarp drives on ...2003.07.24 11:26:00
- We're getting back to what is winning in EVE... Could you arrange an EVE tournament on a week-end? H ...2003.07.18 14:29:00
- It's not about how to arrange a bad fight, it's about having the possibility to have a good one. ...2003.07.18 13:41:00
- Nah, speed cannot alter the server performance much. The demands to the server will depend on how ...2003.07.18 13:35:00
- This thread has become very interesting.The reason I think most people would accept real PvP is I ...2003.07.18 09:58:00

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