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- Harro communityI am researching different eve themed aps for an alliance blog/site I am putting toge ...2011.05.25 09:41:00
- Posting again to say how much I like this channel.I didn't start playing Eve to join a "girls club" ...2011.05.25 09:36:00
- Change corp. Make new friends. Try something different. ...2011.05.24 09:19:00
- While i loved the topper of the other thread, am i the only one who thinks this one is going to far? ...2011.05.12 19:27:00
- Ahh that made me laugh! Congratulations! Can I get a topper in reverse for when I marry my carebear ...2011.05.11 21:05:00
- There are no problems in Egg, only education. ...2011.04.26 08:21:00
- I blame Crimper! ...2011.04.20 19:03:00
- Just FYI you don't need to worry about your personal standings if you go in via a player corp, thoug ...2011.04.20 09:07:00
- *naked hugs all round* ...2011.04.20 08:57:00
- If you want to avoid war-decs then stay in an NPC corp. This ofc still does not guarantee you will n ...2011.04.16 14:02:00
- Best of luck for the future o/ ...2011.03.21 17:02:00
- Friendly Bump. o/ ...2011.03.20 22:03:00
- There are children out there but none of them are capsuleer pilots. A child's body couldn't deal wit ...2011.03.10 09:46:00
- My CEO singing Girls Aloud songs down vent when he is completely wasted. ...2011.03.09 16:36:00
- le bump. ...2011.03.07 20:59:00

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