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- NPC corp cant get wardecced Thank you for making me feel so at home on my return.I have been away f ...2011.07.20 22:25:00
- Edited by: Florestan Bronstein on 31/03/2011 09:18:44 Well in a way yeah I can see your point. But ...2011.03.31 12:03:00
- Eve reminds me of one of those Hulking Monstrosities in WoW. With their extra arm, a huge belly tha ...2011.03.28 00:02:00
- People who make real life threats towards devs don't deserve anything. ...2011.03.26 22:12:00
- If the CCP Employees employed to be forum moderators has issues with the practice then the threads w ...2011.03.26 22:05:00
- Erm, the World of Warcraft forums are over there. I am sure that they will really appreciate another ...2011.03.26 13:32:00
- I agree, the rise of buffer (or passive) tanks was, in my opinion, the major factor in making PvP th ...2011.03.18 21:02:00
- Any pointers on finding a good group, what to be aware of, what to do to make sure I don't get poppe ...2011.03.17 19:36:00
- Easy, B,C and D were paid by A to make them look tuff. ...2011.03.17 06:08:00
- A wardec isn't a bribe and anyone wanting to nullify the dec can simply drop corp anyway A wardec ...2010.11.17 14:58:00
- Abandon the mission, and wait a few hours.Epic Mission Arcs can be restarted after about four hours. ...2010.11.17 12:26:00
- To test your theory you would have to have the two players in identical ships. I would then hope th ...2010.11.17 12:10:00
- My hunch is that having a fun time in PvP has become much harder to find in the past few years and s ...2010.11.17 12:04:00
- It's a pvp game Yeah, that is what the market is there for.Why can't everyone not just get along!!! ...2010.11.17 09:41:00
- I would keep the cerebral accelerator in my hanger, and stroke it regularly, if I were you.This is b ...2010.11.15 12:36:00

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