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- Click link on my decide. ...2004.04.20 18:17:00
- Edited by: CrazEE CarL on 20/04/2004 18:12:02 Edited by: CrazEE CarL on 20/04/2004 18:11:00 Roughl ...2004.04.20 18:09:00
- Although it would be nice, i do not belive there is a way to do that, as those bookmarks are stored ...2004.04.14 14:22:00
- Test ...2004.03.27 08:19:00
- I think the simple and obvious fix for all the cross using of AB's/MWD's on ALL ships (like fitting ...2004.03.05 11:12:00
- Word on the "street" is that just the logs have been introduced to the loot tables. THe actual scena ...2004.03.05 10:09:00
- Edited by: CrazEE CarL on 25/02/2004 14:49:37 As far as picking out a "random" spot goes, you're do ...2004.02.25 14:48:00
- This really has nothing to do with power drain at all. it's about the mass of the ships. if a object ...2004.02.10 06:10:00
- As far as your ship goes, obvioulsy you have to have a nother ship that you can use, then just dump ...2004.02.09 16:54:00
- Here I thought they named it after the word 'Castration' Just kidding. Gemini was the release name ...2004.02.03 05:06:00
- Totally agree Ash, there really needs to be some way of doing this. Would help in so many ways it's ...2004.02.01 07:13:00
- all great ideas and many of them should be an easy fix, I for one would also like to see a right-cli ...2004.02.01 05:24:00
- I think it would tremendously effect the the use of agents if the the ceo's standing's and or skills ...2004.02.01 05:01:00
- Sigh............ Anyone else got anything constructive to say? -CC- ...2004.01.24 09:11:00
- I first would like to start off saying I'm not here to rant, or complain at all. SO no flames please ...2004.01.24 04:41:00

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