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- I'd like to see the 100% bonus to training speed continue for another 2M SP per year that the game h ...2010.06.22 08:23:00
- .... 1) There is no escape if the dictors do their job. 2) Pretty sure the radius is explosion an ...2010.06.20 20:41:00
- :nc: ...2010.06.20 10:13:00
- If small carier will be in DPS efectively same as dominix, then where is problem ?In that domonix is ...2010.05.12 16:43:00
- Edited by: Grarr Wrexx on 29/04/2010 11:14:25 Oh NO, things are different. God forbid this game bec ...2010.04.29 11:13:00
- Insulting people in your thread, that's a good way to garner support. Anyways, this thread is dumb. ...2010.04.04 22:56:00
- Do we really want local to give up to three times as much intelligence as it already is? ...2010.02.18 12:53:00
- That's really old, now is it?We really don't need more gateguns. If you want your space, ****ing def ...2010.02.17 15:43:00
- Never thought that camps could be set between two points rather than next to a gate? Let campers wor ...2010.02.01 22:22:00
- No. Search before postingDude, stop posting already. It's even in the rules: You are supposed to be ...2010.02.01 22:11:00
- I'm with darius here. Sometimes, the things you want to do are a bit of a stretch, ISK-wise or skill ...2010.01.25 19:03:00
- With a bit of UI-shoving-around you can fit it to your left, under the system info without too much ...2010.01.08 16:24:00
- ...2010.01.08 15:18:00
- I think EVE don't need a PvE server but a clear frontier between PvP and PvE what's not the case atm ...2010.01.08 13:10:00
- Why not? Can't you just live with the restriction? ...2010.01.07 22:39:00

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