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- OK, I had this again today but this time the general dropped a +2 perception implant. It seems that ...2005.09.30 00:00:00
- Has anybody completed this mision? If so what type of implant did the general drop in part 4? I onl ...2005.09.29 00:40:00
- Edited by: Storme on 20/09/2005 23:27:14 Caldari corporations that have R&D depts; Kaalakiota Corp ...2005.09.20 23:27:00
- This is because of the way s'space' works in Eve. In fact there isn't one big 'universe', Eve is br ...2005.09.10 00:21:00
- In my experience, on the outset lvl 3 missions look more lucrative than lvl 4's, especially when loo ...2005.09.10 00:12:00
- Anybody got one of these? Can Eve utilise it? (Presumably in stretch mode..)General impressions?Is i ...2005.08.19 22:24:00
- Ok, I managed to annoy concord during one of my missions at a gate. Consequently I didn't last lon ...2005.07.27 07:50:00
- If you are new to the game, I would avoid PVP completely for a while. Without a thorough understandi ...2003.10.10 15:11:00
- Rank is an indication of how hard it is to learn a particular skill and also how long it takes to le ...2003.10.10 15:02:00
- I wasn't even considering a battleship until I had my Rupture blown out from under me... I made a d ...2003.10.10 14:16:00
- IMO, The Rupture is by far the best of the Minmatar cruisers. There is nothing the stabber can do t ...2003.10.03 11:56:00
- I think you already have the option to change them in space (not sure if it works) but no option at ...2003.10.01 11:32:00
- I find that my hangar is really difficult to manage at the moment.I frequently hunt npc pirates and ...2003.10.01 10:55:00
- I have 2 accounts and use them often on one pc. I use them windowed (rather than alt-TAB between fu ...2003.09.29 10:25:00
- Thanks all. We're still, however, missing the rarer Mining lasers. Where are the CU Vapours? ...2003.09.26 07:48:00

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