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- Actually the Burst is a very beautiful ship. Please stop casting aspersions against it's good name ...2011.03.20 22:50:00
- Three-year household breeder reactors. The technology exists and is in use, just not by the public ...2011.03.15 23:56:00
- They have slightly lower fitting needs and slightly higher range. However, they cannot fit mining ...2011.03.14 02:28:00
- This isn't a game-breaking issue but it is extremely annoying. All of my windows in-game are arrange ...2011.03.12 19:16:00
- I have a lot of fun in my hull tanked long range rocket Worm, it actually works a whole lot better t ...2011.03.11 19:13:00
- There is a lot more to EvE than just shooting someone's ship. Walking in station will be a welcome ...2011.03.11 19:06:00
- I'll not be voting at all and it's not just because I'm lazy. ...2011.03.11 01:33:00
- If we get T3 frigates before there is a T2 resource frigate I think I will just die from being so an ...2011.03.10 12:20:00
- Not partner related but I've lost a ship due to a HUGE HAIRY SPIDER RUNNING ACROSS MY DESK. I liter ...2011.03.10 12:17:00
- I would like to see a model Burst frigate, with magnetic Fedo accessory. ...2011.03.09 23:33:00
- it does not need to know why, it just needs to know its purpose.A rose by any other name... ...2011.03.08 23:19:00
- While this explanation is fine for a brief overview of the system you really need to try to determin ...2011.03.08 22:45:00
- Proud owner of Mobile Refinery Operation, I wouldn't change it if I could. ...2011.03.08 10:31:00
- I am interested in your Corporation, I have sent you a message in-game. ...2011.03.07 18:02:00
- Eve has been dying since it was in Beta, All these additions are just speeding that process up! DAMN ...2011.03.07 17:36:00

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