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- BS serve no purpose, BCs put out similar DPS, are much faster and more agile, and cost much less. ...2010.12.08 20:33:00
- I prefer the Jaguar for pretty much everything. It doesn't do the RAW DPS of the Wolf, what it does ...2010.11.23 23:10:00
- Except that currently, any half decent fitted Cruiser can do the same job more efficiently and for p ...2010.11.14 08:04:00
- Hmmm...How to make Destroyers viable anti-frigate ships huh...Slightly faster than a cruiser (maybe. ...2010.11.13 23:52:00
- I'm sure you will find that speed is not all that useful of a combat bonus in things like 1v1 combat ...2010.11.05 01:42:00
- Depending on subsystems and fitting, anywhere from Assault Frigate to BS level DPS.It's all about wh ...2010.11.01 19:30:00
- First, Minmatar ships look awesome.Second, those sails are for heat radiation. Keeps us nice and coo ...2009.12.26 00:51:00
- Running the above cloaking Loki fitting with a Chassis Optimization works too, or you can go with th ...2009.12.24 08:33:00
- I've been flying mine for PvP for a while now, I find the Interdiction Nully to be unnecessary as lo ...2009.12.23 23:19:00
- Exploration or 0.0 is the next step, or you could change professions and work on building an industr ...2009.12.09 00:33:00
- Edited by: Mortuus on 08/12/2009 08:14:57 Don't forget, all ships must be fitted with full tackle t ...2009.12.08 08:14:00
- Why do you think it would out DPS or out tank an AF?Its a fine ship for killing ceptors. ...2009.12.07 19:47:00
- 12ish Hurricanes 2-3 BS 2 Loki 1 Broadsword some t2 frigates Dramiel ...2009.12.06 05:58:00
- I don't plan to ever fly Cap ships, is now a bad time to point out I have Minmatar, Amarr, and Calda ...2009.10.26 22:03:00
- For PvE buy a Drake for WHs.The Loki just does not do it that well.For PvP, depends on what role you ...2009.10.16 08:04:00

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