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- I'll take your ship lal ...2006.09.10 10:08:00
- 5% bonus to all Armor resistances per level Resistances on the info are 60/20/25/35Are those now ...2006.09.10 10:05:00
- Talking to some friends on ventrilo and we have a few suggestions for CCP with the current spikes an ...2006.09.10 10:02:00
- Edited by: Ishmair on 07/09/2006 16:50:25 I like the new upgrade to the graphic engine, but I never ...2006.09.09 18:39:00
- How about them sending energy to POS to save up fuel, or let them recharge capacitor/shields of ship ...2006.09.03 11:40:00
- now im soon (hopefully that is) gonna get a minmatar carrier... the Nidhoggur. and i have been playi ...2006.09.03 11:13:00
- I'd like to see these Maps downloadable with massive delays (hours/days?) and only to certain ranges ...2006.09.03 02:44:00
- It sounds a bit like having favourites, I'd like to use those favrouites at my carrier or pos array ...2006.09.03 02:27:00
- Edited by: Sakira LeCastantas on 26/07/2006 12:48:25got one, thank you ...2006.07.26 12:48:00
- ships do explode after ejection (tested this on a wide range of ships, from frigs to dreads and frei ...2006.06.19 09:38:00
- What you say is true, but nothing can be done with that. All things have a beginning and all things ...2006.06.18 15:32:00
- I know this is an old topic but it has come back from some comments of my old mmorpg friends. Last m ...2006.06.18 15:08:00
- lawl ...2006.06.08 15:10:00
- Heh, I will never forget the moment i first signed in, Character creation, and then... BLAM youre in ...2006.05.30 07:53:00
- I'm totally in ♥ with this program ...2006.05.27 19:24:00

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