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- To the OP,The trick to manufacturing is figuring out what sells in your area. Pay attention to the m ...2010.04.10 02:58:00
- You can still build T1 modules for compression of minerals. Previous poster was right however, if yo ...2010.04.04 04:02:00
- T2 BPO's aren't a license to print money. You still have to get the skills, research it, product the ...2010.03.17 17:18:00
- In support of the OP. It's safe to assume there are T2 BPO holders who have monipolized markets. New ...2010.03.17 17:11:00
- I think the whole BPO issue is total bull.If you didn't have 4 agents all getting research points, a ...2010.03.17 17:03:00
- Here u go. think Caldari R&D corps are Ishukone and one other one. The Caldar ...2010.02.03 02:33:00
- Heh, Lutz. No you're right, I did hit the wrong key on the calculator.Your numbers are correct. For ...2010.02.03 01:28:00
- Just contact a research alliance. ...2010.02.03 01:19:00
- Say you're trying to invent a T2 cruiser bpc, needing 8 mech engineering and 8 racial starship engin ...2010.02.01 03:45:00
- Not counting the Typhoon, of course, which is faster, you are correct. The two Tempests idea is real ...2010.01.25 02:37:00
- I'm not gonna argue with you that the Tempest needs extra CPU. It would be nice to have 25 extra cpu ...2010.01.25 01:17:00
- Building stuff for profit is stupid.With all due respect, I'd have to disagree with you. Some module ...2010.01.25 01:08:00
- Considering the number of drop down menus in EVE, how hard would it be to add a control-right-click ...2010.01.19 01:18:00
- You hardly need anything to get started in mining. Back in the day, I started out with a Probe.Work ...2010.01.17 16:17:00
- Edited by: Pel Ukken on 15/01/2010 05:43:19 anyone else getting tired of all these OMGRVBISAWESOME ...2010.01.17 16:11:00

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