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- Just a crazy idea spinning off from what Ishina Fel suggested.Instead of making the research slots a ...2011.08.15 17:16:00
- EVE is real... ...-ly trying desperately to hook up new accounts before Planetside 2 arrives and st ...2011.07.07 18:00:00
- "We have been wardecced again. Everyone take off your clothes, we're forming a fleet to hunt the ene ...2011.05.27 18:36:00
- mine too. I need iskies to buy a mommie.For your toonie. ...2011.05.23 14:55:00
- been reading the forums since I started playing EVE.Well, there's your problem...PSImagine all those ...2011.05.12 16:45:00
- I've used this service before. Very reliable and very trustworthy. And the cost is in line with othe ...2011.05.12 16:18:00
- *whispers to someone* Hand me the blow torch...And a pair of pliers. We're gonna get medieval on the ...2011.01.30 17:49:00
- Due to the increased risk and logistics effort required, 0.0 should be more - not as - profitable (i ...2009.11.08 01:15:00

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