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- They figured out that the incarna engine is **** and are currently trying to decide if they want to ...2011.08.08 20:23:00
- So why do we want CCP to work on spaceships? Pretty much every single (major) thing they have touche ...2011.07.31 02:05:00
- The beta of what should have been the summer expansion? ...2011.07.30 23:55:00
- I watched it earlier and I really smiled when CCP got trolled. They had really had it coming.There's ...2011.07.14 19:38:00
- Stealth caldari buff?The sad thing is that CCP belives that these new "icons" are :awesome: and they ...2011.07.13 18:37:00
- Edited by: Rixiu on 12/07/2011 17:39:58 Hmm... Looks like something CCPs trailer guys threw togethe ...2011.07.12 17:40:00
- Zulu I trust, he gets it. The rest of CCPs management, not so much... tools. ...2011.07.02 23:49:00
- Not a step in the right direction more like the way you lift your feet before you take the step. "I ...2011.07.02 17:31:00
- They are being "professional" and therefore has as much balls as my aunt on a funeral... kinda. ...2011.07.02 16:27:00
- The other 3 captains quarters will come late this fall and then :content: next spring in a very dela ...2011.06.30 12:40:00
- I assume that an expansion built around RMT doesn't count (incarna). So... next summer at the earlie ...2011.06.30 01:56:00
- 6 years, 1 room. good investment.Pretty sure i remember something about ccp having to start again wi ...2011.06.30 00:05:00
- People with monocles continue to prove that only stupid people buy monocles. Thanks for this, now mo ...2011.06.29 02:55:00
- I guess the majority of the people have reached the "acceptance" step in the "kühler-ross model" (Li ...2011.06.29 02:53:00
- I strongly agree with the op. But since CCP want to have RMT like all the cool kids vanity-only is a ...2011.06.29 00:02:00

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