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- Yes. ...2011.08.28 16:45:00
- No need to download, the patch adresses fixes to things I don't use. \o/ ...2011.07.11 18:26:00
- Like a year or more ago I had some random NPC corp dude contract me ammo and other trash with 300m a ...2011.07.09 00:35:00
- So, why don't you just leave?It's not like drone space had a major change since its creation. It's a ...2011.07.08 12:28:00
- Bump. ...2011.07.06 14:09:00
- Damage Control II Capacitor Power Relay II Capacitor Power Relay II Capacitor Power Relay IIY-T ...2011.07.03 15:44:00
- I chose something which seemed sort of interesting, that would also get me into the game quicker.Tur ...2011.07.03 13:16:00
- Great, this is exactly what I needed to know. Thanks! ...2011.06.03 11:36:00
- Couldn't find anything about it. So what is generally the amount of ISK looted from a sleeper BS in ...2011.05.17 14:05:00
- Minmatar pilots will always have my vouch.True story. ...2011.05.17 01:07:00
- I love how all tears in this thread come from NC members. ...2011.05.11 17:17:00
- Edited by: El Liptonez on 06/05/2011 21:21:27 Hi,I'm looking for any researched carrier & freighter ...2011.05.06 19:57:00
- Some pretty simple things here, like someone already noted them before:Balance 0.0 > low sec > high ...2011.05.04 21:04:00
- Thanks, that is what I needed to know. Had no doubt EVE would run on ION/HD4250 graphics anyway. ...2011.05.01 20:42:00
- I have thought about this a long time ago, back when I lived in a quite hostile region. I thought th ...2011.05.01 19:46:00

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