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- So again, I have to ask, what are you trying to achieve?I'd bet he's trying to bring up discussion a ...2008.08.29 15:35:00
- Both star map and solar system map are 1. slow 2. buggy. which is not news though. I wish there was ...2008.08.24 15:22:00
- When you enable eve voice it seems to you have to restart the client, if it doesn't help restart com ...2008.08.24 12:02:00
- drone window is still flying around when you undock after changing ship ...2008.08.24 11:19:00
- the corp i am in with one of my characters just went from 5% to 15% and i personally am thinking thi ...2008.08.20 15:40:00
- Edited by: Laila Eldgorn on 19/08/2008 20:14:23 At least low sec exploration seems pretty much crap ...2008.08.19 20:07:00
- Actually it's pretty easy to keep your sec status above magical -2.0 so you can enter 1.0 systems. U ...2008.08.17 09:27:00
- 1/10. This is so old topic. ...2008.08.15 14:02:00
- I think everyone knew a while back already that one day titans will be overpowered, or well, not tit ...2008.08.13 17:48:00
- Macros are npc ships which drop 0...3 extended cargohold II's worth of around 2-3mil. Amarr, Khanid ...2008.08.05 21:29:00
- I want secondary races opened. I want to be Caldari/Gallente with two scimitars. Uh... ...2008.08.05 21:20:00
- can baiting (constantly) 2 hour old nubs is considered griefing. This was actually confirmed by some ...2008.08.02 11:13:00
- Salvage thieves are only problem for newbies. Older players know how to handle thieves or just don't ...2008.08.01 20:50:00
- 0/10 ...2008.08.01 17:48:00
- ... I demand my right to be a "redneck".If you can't handle the text on screen use block button. I t ...2008.08.01 16:19:00

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