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- I can see how making the learning implants indestructible can help out the newer players. As for the ...2010.09.30 17:26:00
- hey while we're on the subject...why not make it 'the more you use an item/skill, the better you get ...2010.09.30 17:13:00
- I'll have to agree that the 1.6m sp mark is a tad shallow for brand new players. Most of the newbies ...2010.09.30 15:21:00
- Edited by: Nova Zembla on 30/09/2010 01:52:58 note sure how you'd be able to import anything with ' ...2010.09.29 18:01:00
- i used eft about a year ago and everything worked flawlessly. Now that I'm back playing EVE, eft won ...2010.09.29 05:08:00

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