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- Edited by: Elsebeth Rhiannon on 01/05/2011 11:11:06 Gods, this thread reads like a Who's Who of Old ...2011.05.03 21:53:00
- Seriphyn.... what is the point of your circular rambling and poking here about who leads Re-Aw and w ...2011.04.29 19:20:00
- Darius continues to flick through the occasional report with less attention than he used to in past ...2011.01.30 19:50:00
- OK yeah, tested it with a marauder. With elite battleship checked on and marauder checked off on the ...2010.08.04 17:20:00
- Also, elite BS are not black ops and marauders. They are listed separately. They might be an old d ...2010.08.04 16:54:00
- It tells you that you cannot take a cap ship into the deadspace pocket. Carriers, freighters (though ...2010.08.04 09:13:00
- I don't care what you put, I don't care to read it, what your motives were, how thrilling it was to ...2010.08.02 14:41:00
- Edited by: Algey on 25/07/2010 20:02:10 Edited by: Shiroi Okami on 24/07/2010 12:07:12 Edit: The g ...2010.07.25 21:06:00
- So Ushra'Khn are disbanded, pretty much, by what the news reports as a Hydra spy.... and 11B are in ...2010.07.24 17:28:00
- I had been trying to get my PS3 to co-operate with the eve site this weekend and it would not have a ...2010.06.07 14:24:00
- Do you have latest flash player installed too? Working fine here with latest of FF and Flash on Win ...2010.06.05 15:25:00
- Archbishop, you old evil slave monger.If you really have any interest in one of the many diverse rel ...2010.06.05 14:36:00
- Good to see you have shaken off the husk of the CVA. Even if this means you are more of a threat to ...2010.05.29 13:15:00
- The current test server mirror is several days old now, so it would have been taking when your accou ...2010.04.19 17:53:00
- Amarrians really are pretty dense when you get down to it...Read up and you will see a great whoppin ...2010.03.08 20:11:00

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