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- Thanks guys!! that will do for now :) ...2010.07.07 21:44:00
- Hey guys,Ive noticed that EVE will freeze the computer display on quit on my macbook pro i7.Basicall ...2010.07.05 22:18:00
- If you remove Local ... then please render Insta bookmarks useless as well...i mean u may as well if ...2006.11.05 04:48:00
- are you a dev? ...2006.10.26 04:59:00
- I like the fact that your not 100% secure in high sec space... plain and simple... I like to be able ...2006.10.05 02:45:00
- I can run lvl 2 missions in a t1 frigate with relative ease :) I however, use a Rifter.... with a hu ...2006.10.03 04:59:00
- i think its only fair... cov ops ship can only do one thing.. provide intelligence...they are bloody ...2006.10.03 01:12:00
- 10 titans ...2006.09.19 02:02:00
- I find that shield tanking has a upper hand ive noticed... But the gap between these two tanks aren' ...2006.09.19 01:50:00
- Edited by: Kyuzo on 18/09/2006 04:21:36 The jag is a allrounder... very good for solo operations... ...2006.09.18 04:21:00
- i have only played around with shield setups.. and i can tell u.. you can get some VERY interesting ...2006.09.15 10:52:00
- i could swear... E = mc^2... and i was under the impression that ... light/photons were packets of e ...2006.09.14 06:54:00
- I think its a good idea... there are many ideas like this.. others have proposed that lets say u war ...2006.09.14 06:49:00
- Honestly. CCP will never remove jump bookmarks, nor do they really seem to want to. Not only because ...2006.09.06 23:12:00
- The rules for the Frig tournament we had was: Only standard T1 frigs Only standard T1 modules (no ...2006.09.06 14:19:00

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