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- What everyone said.A set of T2 auto cannons/missle launcher for my Wolf cost more than a low end cru ...2007.04.12 21:56:00
- Nice try. I, in fact, have several thousand BoB kills and could use a few million ISK as well. I jus ...2006.08.09 18:07:00
- The rails won't track as fast, so transversal velocity becomes a problem. When I started in a Vexor ...2006.07.17 23:01:00
- I used that basic setup, except I used an Imicus. I realize the Nav has mining bonuses. If you plan ...2006.06.28 15:16:00
- Try to decide on what course you want to take in game. If you're mainly interested in mining, and in ...2006.06.28 15:04:00
- What you describe could not have happened based on the information you presented.That being said, if ...2006.06.19 19:15:00
- Well, it shouldn't. The suspesion of physical laws is rampant in EVE, but it does enhance game play. ...2006.06.19 18:46:00
- Eagles don't flock, Turkeys do. ...2006.06.08 14:50:00

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