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- sup btlsu still suck ...2010.03.27 07:17:00
- daveydweeb is the best solo pvper i've had the honour of flying against ...2009.10.29 00:45:00
- Daveydweeb is ok, but he's no Apple Boy ...2008.10.14 19:46:00
- I was 10 seconds away from posting the exact same OP. ...2008.08.07 21:50:00
- Daveydweeb will never lead us wrong. If he says POSes are broken, they're broken. ...2008.06.11 00:50:00
- DredX you say? Haha, he's been in Phalanx for a while now, doing what he's best athaha nice. i reme ...2008.04.19 06:06:00
- Since joining goons late last year I must say I've been very impressed with their FCs. Of course I ...2008.04.18 22:28:00
- What you are failing to understand is that the vast majority of hydra players do not actually want ...2008.04.18 20:33:00
- Check contracts for interface BPCs? ...2007.10.12 01:38:00
- With regards to the aforementioned thread, maybe this was what MP was referring to? TINY. has a mar ...2007.09.25 02:18:00
- I found it useful. Mostly glad to hear that the venture (Common Stock) is still going strong and ma ...2007.09.08 00:02:00
- You can buy them from the LP store for 3000 LP (i think) and 0 ISK.I was able to sell a bunch of min ...2007.08.22 22:05:00
- Cell phones woke people from their beds and over the next 48 hours the MC went home en masse.serious ...2007.06.18 09:18:00
- don't try to shield tank the tempest, it just won't work. both the tempest and typhoon are armor ta ...2007.05.24 21:34:00
- w/o a doubt the mack ...2007.05.09 01:35:00

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