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- If I bought fuel off of Amarr or Jita markets before PI I paid about 423mil to run a couple large to ...2010.07.17 21:30:00
- Always route products/materials into your spaceport, then into whatever factories you want to consum ...2010.07.11 07:01:00
- Edited by: Johnny Santos on 10/07/2010 00:53:27 Here is one of the most truthful and simple answers ...2010.07.10 00:53:00
- Doesnt look like nerd rage to me? But my perspective of it is different. But I have to ask... sci fi ...2010.07.07 21:05:00
- .I call double BS on this crock. If you run twelve planets and only spend 20 minutes every other day ...2010.07.07 11:03:00
- Edited by: Johnny Santos on 05/07/2010 05:32:48 Edited by: Johnny Santos on 05/07/2010 05:32:03 Ho ...2010.07.05 05:31:00
- Knew someone like Santos would have something useless and hateful to say.Never played WoW. I'll have ...2010.07.05 02:40:00
- Know whats great about sandbox? You DONT HAVE TO DO IT. Oh and boo fricking hoo.5-10 mins MAX takes ...2010.07.05 00:44:00
- ONE thing EVERYONE has forgotten.... remember the insane Jovian admiral? What part of space did he a ...2010.06.28 04:31:00
- Note that in EVE, if something gives you an advantage, you have to give up something to get it. W ...2009.12.18 00:05:00
- SOLUTION: w-space mechanics... NO LOCAL.OUTCOME: OP doesnt have to worry anymoreCynoslaver - The te ...2009.12.17 12:45:00
- Definitely agreed. It's your choice CCP, give the option for a 1 time dock or lose $15 a month. Ther ...2009.12.06 18:44:00
- Make Babies !Not Trollz ...2009.08.07 11:22:00
- The wh my corp lives in usually after 2-4 trips both ways on a fresh wh with a orca will cause a col ...2009.07.08 10:36:00
- OP: theres hope!!!Joe ArpaioLook him up and you will see hes done alot lol ...2009.07.05 11:34:00

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