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- Besides, judging from the people talking about uber-npcs and crummy 'roid spawns, small corps are st ...2003.12.22 16:34:00
- people will always complain, cry and stamp their's good they have a safe play area now, wher ...2003.12.22 16:05:00
- Well, looking to the topic title, I'm doing just that. I'm busy packing up my kit and handing it ov ...2003.12.22 10:22:00
- Durandal:1. It may not have been by CCP, but it's still a stunt to put a false gloss on an ailing ga ...2003.12.08 10:51:00
- You're forgetting some of us aren't going to log in to help out a game that we've pretty much given ...2003.12.08 09:19:00
- Well, they informed me Corp 1 were part of it. Mind you, they didn't seem to know Corp 1 are the pi ...2003.11.11 12:05:00
- True I suppose. At least then the game would be working how it's supposed to.Mind you, at this rate ...2003.11.11 11:22:00
- Claim empire spce? Fight them for it?Yeah right, I'm really gonna squander my hard won 0.6 sec rati ...2003.11.11 10:54:00
- Well said, Killgorde.I'm sure I'm not alone in regretting encouraging friends to join a game that, t ...2003.11.11 10:50:00
- Just querying if anyone knows when this sprung up?I logged in last night to find four players from a ...2003.11.11 10:23:00
- As a small aside, you DO need a turret loaded when mining in any vessel except in 1.0, not because y ...2003.11.07 11:15:00
- Honestly you can make better isk mining scordite just using thoraxes. That is if your mining skill ...2003.11.06 15:46:00
- THIS is my problem. I don't want to have to do this. The game should have some areas where small c ...2003.11.06 15:30:00
- Edited by: Ace Merrill on 06/11/2003 15:18:46 My margins are already curbed by broken game dynamics ...2003.11.06 15:18:00
- Five small corps working together on an op is one big corp. THIS is my problem. I don't want to ...2003.11.06 15:09:00

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