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- Deimos is ment for damage but doesn't mean u can't half ass tank it to give you a few more seconds.I ...2005.08.02 23:23:00
- frost killer, can i get deimos with 5 med slots too?I got 2 setups there, PvP and Non-PvP.... ...2005.08.01 21:14:00
- My deimos I had a different setupHigh 5x T2 Ion Blasters 1x T2 Small Nos (if power grid allows w ...2005.08.01 20:52:00
- Titans have been talked about since release...They where suppose to come in with the december patch ...2005.08.01 20:31:00
- Totally correct....3mil SP is a big no no for a BS, expecially a tempest. Tempest is definatly skil ...2005.08.01 20:24:00
- Making people dump 1.5bil upfront 3 weeks prior to getting the ship isn't helping you one bit at all ...2005.08.01 12:43:00
- Been ages since I flew a thorax but I did fly a Deimos for quiet a while.Not exactly the cruiser tha ...2005.07.27 16:59:00
- As said CCP doesn't owe us anything, but it would be nice if they put a message up saying what the i ...2005.07.27 13:09:00
- Total skill points possible is right around 257million. The last patch added some 80mil SP to the g ...2005.07.26 16:02:00
- Another nudge for my pal....Its a great character guys... ...2005.07.21 12:52:00
- Nudge for a good pal. ...2005.07.19 05:18:00
- Truely I've always liked this idea. The only reason why people pick a certain race anymore is... 1 ...2005.07.14 17:19:00
- Auto-Pilot Engaged Motha F*cka!lol I could just imagine it now. ...2005.07.12 19:45:00
- The auction is for a week, how is that long? ...2005.07.08 13:16:00
- You can't sell the account and the time doesn't transfer with the character FYI. ...2005.07.07 22:12:00

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