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- vagabond with 100mn mwd. ...2008.01.01 03:43:00
- that would be cool. ...2007.12.27 00:03:00
- Second! ...2007.12.14 18:38:00
- When an enemy develops a way of camouflaging themselves you try to develop an anti-camouflage. I thi ...2007.12.07 12:44:00
- I hope the bonus increases on the specialized ships, but i can still effectively tackle someone with ...2007.11.20 20:23:00
- I firmly believe ECM will be overpowered after this patch...I think it will be good. ...2007.11.20 20:16:00
- It happened to me again today. The first time i just deleted my user.dat file, then i had to redo al ...2007.11.09 14:35:00
- Im still going to fly my eris. ...2007.11.08 03:05:00
- It looks good to me. ...2007.09.14 19:38:00
- I would like a mirror as well, however there is a lot of things that have to be done for a mirror. ...2007.09.10 15:51:00
- Viuva makes a very valid point. The ship is overpowered because it can do decent damage considering ...2007.09.10 15:47:00
- keep in mind that the campers may have a cloaked alt on the non-camped side so they can see whats co ...2007.08.28 14:41:00
- Retailers buy them from ccp and then sell to players, who in turn sell them to other players for isk ...2007.08.28 14:35:00
- Just keep in mind that by the time you get skilled in a race it is very well possible that because ...2007.08.18 03:46:00
- I think they are both fine. Just dont fly the deimos alone. Thy can both work very well If you fit ...2007.08.03 21:01:00

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