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- after last patch i have socket closed error right after i log in. sometimes the client locks up inst ...2009.07.11 20:16:00
- know how to solve socket closed? if not pass along please. ...2009.07.11 20:02:00
- had this issue before but was ok after one of the patches in the past coupla months, but after the l ...2009.07.11 19:59:00
- got same issue, i have noticed as well that this happens a lot less when the amount of ppl logged on ...2009.05.23 20:27:00
- ill join up on this, got same issue, although from tuesday to thrusday al was running perfect except ...2009.05.23 20:09:00
- same thing happens to me as well, i cant go past character selection.... after i click enter game - ...2009.05.23 19:57:00
- u got some good roids to mine in those highly hostile areas?? ...2009.01.31 03:40:00
- one for Elize Antares ...2008.05.13 23:02:00
- 30 days to Elize Antares please ...2008.05.13 22:39:00
- yeah me and my hopes.... same thing =( no c++ error though. just a DC and stuck on checking status . ...2007.12.07 09:10:00
- Edited by: Psychodelica on 07/12/2007 08:36:47 tbh looks like trinity fixed this problem for me.... ...2007.12.07 08:36:00
- ok so i sat staring at the monitor while this was happening and i see that the packet out starts dro ...2007.11.14 21:11:00
- i have the same issue and i logged it with the logserver. it shows a python error with a red scary s ...2007.11.14 21:02:00
- for Elize Antares character ...2007.07.28 23:16:00
- I WANT ONE NOOOOOOW! ...2007.07.28 23:15:00

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