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- FYI I cancelled my cancellation. I'm back in the game! ...2011.06.28 15:35:00
- I unsubscribed another 13 accounts! ...2011.06.28 10:24:00
- Three more hours in this forum, and I will buy the fracking monocle. Just in order to **** into the ...2011.06.28 10:21:00
- Problem is not that unsubscribing is too hard, the real problem is that subscribing is too easy. Thr ...2011.06.28 10:16:00
- This community puzzles me. You're falling for a mud campaign of some disgruntled employees and bitte ...2011.06.27 22:38:00
- Less and less people rage on forums.Less and less people rage in Jita. Hilmar and CCP simply ignore ...2011.06.27 15:15:00
- The concept is pretty simple. CCP prides itself on the strong and interesting communities EVE has cr ...2011.06.27 15:11:00
- YES ...2011.06.27 15:05:00
- Edited by: Tahnil on 25/06/2011 00:17:56 Gotta admit, this is the first time I've witnessed this ki ...2011.06.25 00:17:00
- Gotta admit, this is the first time I've witnessed this kind of thing in Eve. It's opened my eyes ...2011.06.25 00:01:00
- I think CCP ist not blind and dumb. They won't change their corporate strategy and their EVE strateg ...2011.06.24 14:13:00
- I wish our company had such an excellent newsletter. ...2011.06.24 14:03:00
- I just realised that I had 27 (not 12) accounts. So I reactivated three and cancelled some other 7, ...2011.06.24 13:26:00
- I cancelled 12 accounts! My wife also cancelled her accounts. But I will stay here in this forum, wh ...2011.06.24 13:15:00
- Can I have your stuff? ...2011.06.24 12:47:00

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