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- +2 ...2011.06.12 00:23:00
- So everyone looking at your ship can tell exactly how you have fitted it? Plus I can think of more ...2011.06.11 21:37:00
- Edited by: HELLBOUNDMAN on 11/06/2011 21:22:23 There already is a down side to it.. Players have to ...2011.06.11 21:34:00
- Edited by: Lugia3 on 11/06/2011 21:19:23 Railguns should get a large damage boostI stopped reading ...2011.06.11 21:30:00
- the neural remap idea would only be OK if there would be a downside. The reason we get such few rema ...2011.06.11 21:18:00
- it fixes a ship class with a horribly small niche. You have obviously never flown destroyers, they ...2011.06.11 21:14:00
- ever heard of factional warfare? Just sayin'. ...2011.06.11 21:04:00
- The problem with is I like a lot of other players who have multiple accounts tend to change the skin ...2011.06.11 21:00:00
- I have tons of ships I've collected and I do know my weapons and ammo, it's not a big deal, just tho ...2011.06.11 20:54:00
- Destroyers are already not bad at killing fighters, but destroyers are weak and get killed easily, s ...2011.06.11 20:50:00
- Edited by: Joey Moonbeam on 11/06/2011 20:28:37 The buff that Gallente really need is really a hybr ...2011.06.11 20:39:00
- This has already been proposed, years ago and very often, it has even been addressed at fanfests and ...2011.06.11 20:37:00
- regular bug, will be fixed Soon™ ...2011.06.11 20:28:00
- I'm sure these ideas have come before. In private discussion among friends we have always concluded ...2011.06.11 20:25:00
- Imma paint my armageddon pen­is. I mean pink. ...2011.06.11 20:20:00

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