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- I Shoot Rainbows ...2011.09.06 01:27:00
- If you're focused on bonuses you can put on some command processors. ...2011.09.05 22:24:00
- And maybe some Dev could explain the Sacriledge. ^^ Beyond carebearing against Guristas. ^^ Sacril ...2011.09.05 05:50:00
- It just they would look separate for the player.If it looks separate for the client, that's just as ...2011.09.04 23:48:00
- Ok, Well IDK how much C1's neut but here are the cap stats on both ships11.8/13.5 - Retri 14.9/17.4 ...2011.09.04 22:46:00
- I have a Enyo fit w/ Salvager and Prober that does 113 DPS and Omni-tank while being stable w/ AB on ...2011.09.04 21:13:00
- Is there a certain lvl of tank or dps I should aim for in a fitting? If you have EFT, I usually ...2011.09.04 17:43:00
- Put it this way. An AML fit cruiser will do full damage to another cruiser, it's just that full dam ...2011.09.04 07:14:00
- I think you're underestimating how tightly bound missile calculations and missile effects are. Curre ...2011.09.04 05:22:00
- I've been doing C1's in a frigate for a while now, C2s are a bit tougher but you can probably manage ...2011.09.04 02:47:00
- 4/10 is a realistic limit for a single ishkur because of the damage constraint (no problem tanking h ...2011.09.03 20:24:00
- Since there's not as much to be gained from cloaking in hisec imo, what with all the ships clutterin ...2011.09.03 20:12:00
- I was running a sleeper site, we had a loki and two caps on field. Due to a bad bump we had to log t ...2011.09.02 02:56:00
- Well, the Serpentis Phi-Outpost is a 4/10, and I did it in a Jaguar, but the final battleship took a ...2011.09.02 00:55:00
- Edited by: iKill Giants on 01/09/2011 20:10:04 Also I've seen multiple reports of cargohold expande ...2011.09.01 20:09:00

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