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- I know that this may seem a strange question, but this has led from an encounter I had the other day ...2003.07.26 22:30:00
- I'm currently doing a degree in psychology, and have been thinking of doing a paper on the subject o ...2003.07.25 02:57:00
- I've gotta say. I had my first PvP experience yesterday too. Thanks Hanns by the way. All I can say ...2003.07.22 11:26:00
- OK. How does this rate.I spent days working to get my first cruiser.Then comes the day when I fly my ...2003.07.21 01:38:00
- A thread on one of the other boards sort of drifted off onto the subject of perma-death for characte ...2003.07.21 01:31:00
- You can't realy use the player number charts as a reflection of how well, or badly Eve is doing. Not ...2003.07.20 23:48:00
- If I was to get Pk'd there is only one person I would whine at.ME.Because it would have been my faul ...2003.07.20 04:03:00
- Just melt then down for their ore rather then destroy them. OK that won't work with a noob ship, but ...2003.07.20 03:28:00
- Transfaring characters between accounts can be done OK with no problems. You just have to know the p ...2003.07.20 03:22:00
- I've only been killed once, back in my early days with Eve and before the clones came into effect. ...2003.07.20 03:15:00
- Only way you can do it is by playing the game in window mode, then minimizing the screen, and runnin ...2003.07.20 02:59:00
- Hi Guys. not sure where to ask this so I'll stick it here. In real life I'm a psychiatric nurse wo ...2003.07.17 11:38:00
- Thanks Ilia. My main character is quite wealthy now, so my banzai boy won't need to worry about usi ...2003.07.12 03:53:00
- To counter the growing problem with cargo can theft. I thought I would develope a second character a ...2003.07.12 01:35:00
- Today I was showing a fellow Corp member that a Punisher can deal with any NPC missile boat, and tha ...2003.07.11 22:24:00

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