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- Edited by: Coronodo on 13/06/2011 01:40:28 Where you looking for more people to interview, im not s ...2011.06.13 01:40:00
- Thank you for your reply and yes I know you have drank deeply from the elixir of truth. *looking dow ...2011.06.13 01:31:00
- Edited by: Coronodo on 13/06/2011 01:14:47 Well my friend, that elixir is freedom,Thankfuly i am no ...2011.06.13 01:14:00
- I am saddened by reading this thread, and chalking up another reason why i shouldnt read gallnet so ...2011.06.13 00:50:00
- Well, its good to see even the wretched slave holding society even notices when something very wrong ...2011.06.12 23:17:00
- Its threads like this that i should stop reading galnet so much and drink more , First off comming a ...2011.05.24 05:40:00
- It Greatly saddens me that you still choose this sad event to bicker about petty politics, it seems ...2011.05.24 04:48:00

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