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- Bought it hoping for sid meiers pirates mmorpgPlayed it for a night got bored waste of 29.99 :( The ...2008.01.25 13:28:00
- Edited by: Velsharoon on 29/12/2007 04:14:56 Join now for a free hat and/or herpes2nd wrong charact ...2007.12.29 04:15:00
- I hate xmas. Im not really a family person just want to be home on my own, drinking/evening or whate ...2007.12.25 17:03:00
- What a shocking waste of medical resources.what gets me more is the guy doesnt want to live yet we c ...2007.12.14 21:09:00
- I am indifferent to :\ ...2007.12.13 21:58:00
- My master cd worked and the ni asked it to reinstall windows and now it says missing operating syste ...2007.12.06 12:52:00
- so i rebooted my computer woomore to the point what are ccp gonna do abut this. better be some sort ...2007.12.06 12:08:00
- I bought worms armageddon for me and the gf/housemates to play the other day. So teams ginger, kiddy ...2007.11.25 18:56:00
- Played it for a bit but couldnt get into it :( ...2007.11.21 16:08:00
- I watch TV for exactly 1 hour a week, and that is to watch Top Gear. ...2007.11.19 22:00:00
- up yours :D ...2007.11.17 21:42:00
- Doesnt really answer your question but i won the signed boz set of world of darkness, vampire mage a ...2007.11.16 23:36:00
- NORAD ftw ORS!!! (Outer Ring Society) I wonder if Umlat is still around under a diff name maybe?O go ...2007.11.06 20:03:00
- Because they want "equality" without the consequences. ...2007.11.06 12:29:00
- Find something else to play ...2007.10.23 19:44:00

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