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- What if... someone were to create an endless supply of corps run by noob characters with only the co ...2011.07.25 18:34:00
- What about creating 8 alliances and changing between them, every 2 weeks in a predictable rotation? ...2011.07.25 14:33:00
- Aha, I found it. The logs used to be in.../Users/username/Library/Preferences/EVE\ Online\ Preferen ...2011.07.04 08:16:00
- My client doesn't seem to have made any logs since the patch. No chat logs, no game logs. Could an ...2011.07.04 07:16:00
- Darius III has the means to run this in Zedrik's absense. He would get my vote. ...2011.07.03 19:42:00
- Add me baby. ...2011.07.01 14:43:00
- This is my main, but I mostly do killings on my alts, or assist other players in doing horrible deed ...2011.06.30 19:11:00
- I've been here a while now.It's my personal opinion, that since 2004, each expansion that's released ...2011.06.30 17:16:00
- I know many ways to make you immune from wars that are entirely legal.You should drop me a msg if yo ...2011.06.26 20:51:00
- As you perhaps know, I am already putting into practice these methods you speak of, and I approve of ...2011.05.10 14:33:00
- Magnificent. ...2011.04.14 16:33:00
- I recently created a forum called "Hulk Chat" to post tears. It's an open forum (for now) and you'r ...2011.04.11 17:04:00
- Update: We got our first billion isk kill tonight. This is only the beginning. :) ...2011.03.30 04:55:00
- Hi, I have about 17 corp mates that are richer than god, as the poorest one of them all, I've been t ...2011.03.28 21:23:00
- Why don't you just go back to yulai and steal jetcans. Seems like that was your forte.You have no i ...2011.03.27 22:59:00

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