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- I do like the idea of being able to view other region that are connected. Which really seems to make ...2006.01.03 02:39:00
- drone mod Well I think I sold 5 of them for 1.5 M each. But I know where I had to go to get them and ...2005.12.30 22:51:00
- /Signed - lets keep it going as maybe sooner or later they will see that we really would like this.. ...2005.12.30 17:55:00
- Yes Atls are good for that, but as I am one, I would rather be trained to do more of the job ie view ...2005.12.29 23:35:00
- Edited by: Doe Jane on 29/12/2005 23:22:59 A skill that allows one to view different regional marke ...2005.12.29 19:56:00
- Thank you for clearing that up for me - I will try this tool out this evening. Thanks for the idea - ...2005.12.29 19:50:00
- If the market data is exported to a server then others know what you know - there may be those that ...2005.12.29 02:53:00
- Well - my 'owner' got the Mag and well it was all the sameole stuff - but then again we have been li ...2005.12.29 02:37:00
- I used a market tool the other night - then saw that it only worked for one region - when I traveled ...2005.12.29 02:21:00
- - So then - This 'TOOL' will then give you all access to the makets too as we are uploading the inf ...2005.12.28 23:50:00
- Edited by: Doe Jane on 09/12/2005 03:11:14 I have read this and I (the Real me, as I am an ALT)have ...2005.12.09 03:00:00
- Edited by: Doe Jane on 01/12/2005 02:07:25 I am an ALT for a trader/combat pilot and officer of an ...2005.12.01 02:03:00

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